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CWDM SYSTEM, Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing, as a sort of utilizable short distance WDM transmission system, it has been acknowledged and practiced in Metropolitan Area Network applications. CWDM can be applied to metropolis and Metropolitan Area Network, at the same time it can be applied to City core networks which is great promise in practice. The CWDM is an extension of the Optical Metropolitan Area Network product family. Cable operators and other service providers can utilize the CWDM in outdoor environments to aggregate, over a single fiber pair, multiple private CWDM optical channels originating from multiple customer premises. Operators can also place it in the basement of a multi-tenant building to service multiple end customers with fully private, multi-protocol, optical wavelength services.
OEO!4/8/16!CWDM can be used in 4/8/16 in 1 multiplexing fiber-link, replacing equipment attached to optical fiber cable and increasing efficiency of bandwidth with low cost. It is applied to construct Metropolitan Area Network, especially inconvenience in laying fiber、leased wire、lack of fiber resource and some other operators need increase efficiency of bandwidth. The equipment is exploited by using CWDM technology, multiplexing multi-ray channel whose wavelength interval is 20 nm on one or a pair of fiber to transmission. It can be applied to some occasion ,such as point to point、point to multi-point、fast optical multiplexing、movable collocate optical multiplexing. The technology is mature and the cost is low, can reduce the invested capital of building Metropolitan Area Network and extending capacity, so, it is super in competition. The equipment can be applied to service transmission abroad, such as core network、verge network、access network in SDH、SONET、Ethernet、ATM and optical Metropolitan Area Network.
Type application:
& Be applicable for optical transmission system of any speed from 10Mb/s to 2.5 G b/s
& Rebuild and upgrade SDH、ATM and Ethernet
& High speed interlink and clear transmission of core network、verge network、access network and convergence node in bandwidth optical Metropolitan Area Network

Key Features & Benefits:
, Hardened solution for deployment in uncontrolled environments.
, Compliancy to the ITU-T CWDM wavelength grid for cross-platform CWDM interoperability.
, Support for a wide range of optical broadband services ranging anywhere from 100 Mbps - 2.5 Gbps (including ATM, GE, Fiber Channel, Ficon, Escon, STM-1/4/16, etc.).
, Carrier grade solution for service delivery assurance.
Offers advanced bandwidth and traffic management capabilities to ensure high utilization of the ATM links while preserving end-to-end QoS.
, Select from OC-3 or OC-12 uplink depending on your throughput needs.
, Optional redundant uplink and power supply ensure maximum network uptime.
, Use higher capacity unit only at the central site for further cost savings.
, Built in router-bridge saves on equipment cost.
, Flexible local, remote or SNMP management through dedicated port.
, Local and remote management available including SNMP, telnet and terminal control

Interrelated index and parameter
Optical interface index
Attribution Description
Transmit center wavelength 1470nm、1490nm、1510nm 、1530nm、1550nm、1570nm 、1590nm 、1610nm
Channels interval 20nm
Optical channel width +/-6nm
Temperature excursion of
center wavelength 0.08!0.1nm/≧

Transmit power -10dBm !+3dBm
Receive power -24dBm !-3dBm
Receive channel 1270nm !1600nm
Receiver LOS alarm power -25dBm!-30dBm
Receive sensitivity <-24dBm
Receive over loading power 0dBm!+6dBm
Equipment type
Data speed 10Mbps!1.25Gbps and 2.5Gbps
Max capacity multiplex 8 double channels on a pair of fibers
Multiple working mode 4 way double/single direction convergence, 8 way double convergence、optical multiplexing
Transmission distance 10km、20km、50km、80km
Multiple apply mode point to point、tree、chain、ring
Input wavelength 850nm、1310nm、1550nm
Fiber single-mode or mult-mode
Work condition
Work temperature and humidity 0!45≧,10!90%,no frost
Power require
Power and power waste AC power: 110!275V, 50!60HZ,
DC power: -48V, power waste<70W



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